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We offer treatments at your home, hotel or wherever you need us so that you don't have to travel with your little ones and have a stress free experience.

Feet Deformities

Our paediatric physiotherapists can offer a tailored rehabilitative program to correct feet issues such as in-toing or out-toing, Talipes ot clubfoot.

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy is a gentle massage technique that helps clear the mucus from airways, avoid possible infection and helps with a faster healing.. 

Baby Check Up

We offer a full check up and a complete assessment with a paediatric physiotherapist or osteopath. This is especially useful if you are worried following a difficult birth, if your child is not hitting all their milestones or simply if you would like some advice and reassurance. 

Torticollis and Flat Head

Causes of developmental delay may be  associated with genetic and or environmental factors. Physiotherapy can help with rehabilitation or long term support depending on the disorder.

Torticollis is relatively common and causes a baby's head to tilt to one side because of tight neck muscles. Torticollis is one of the highest factors that leads to flat head. Physiotherapy helps with gentle stretching  techniques and exercises.

Walking and Motor Delays

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