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Our paediatric physiotherapists and osteopaths have extensive experience in treating babies and toddlers. Between them, they have over 40 years experience.

All our therapists are highly trained in paediatric physiotherapy and paediatric osteopathy. They are fully registered to practice in the UK with the HCPC or GOSC.

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Home Visits

We currently offer home visits in London so that you don't have to travel and expose your little one to more germs.

Physiotherapy For Babies

We offer treatments and rehabilitation for  torticollis, bronchitis&bronchiolitis, asthma, neurological disorders, walking delays and feet problems

Osteopathy For Babies

We offer postnatal check ups for mother&baby, this is especially needed after any difficult birth.

We also offer advice and support on breastfeeding and baby carrying.



“I was desperate after ending up in the hospital because my baby could not breathe. The physiotherapist helped us so much not only clearing his airways but offering plenty of support.”

Teresa Hopkins

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